Brookville Associates, L.L.C. 
A family owned and operated property maintenance company

Mowing and Maintenance

We offer weekly mowing services which include - mowing, trimming and blowing (sidewalks and driveways).  A unique feature of our services is that you will not be mowed and charged if your lawn does not need to be cut.  Some companies charge you a monthly (flat) fee and / or mow when it is dry.  This can cause your lawn to die during the hot and dry months.  We will not mow your lawn during these times, nor will we charge you a monthly fee.  We charge you per cut.

Additionally, we offer a "double cut" service during the extremely wet months.  While some companies will cut your lawn and let the clippings lay heavy, we offer you the option to double cut the lawn, eliminating the heavy clippings from clumping and then dying in your yard.  We DO NOT charge you full price for the second cut, and it is not done all season long.  We would be happy to give you more information.

Our mowing is done Tuesdays - Fridays, and will span in to the weekend when the weather is not so cooperative.  Your property location will determine the day you are mowed, and you will be advised of the day upon contacting us.  In the event you are having a special occasion and would like your mowing done on a specific day, we are always more than happy to accommodate your request if you let us know in advance, and so long as Mother Nature is in a good mood as well........

Besides mowing, we offer the following:

Trimming of shrubs and trees
Planting flowers, shrubs, trees and bulbs
Spring and Fall clean up services of the property

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